Refreshing cocktails, well-cooked sharing dishes

“The kind of dishes that make me dream of going back for more.”

the straits times


Coolest bar grill to land on Sentosa

“As far as the drink list goes, it runs on longer than their food menu — which can only bode well for us.” 



Highway to gastronomic heaven

“If you’re looking for a respite without leaving the country, the destination surely hits the spot.”



Brings an authentic taste of the Americas to Singapore

“A prime spot in Sentosa Golf Club, set against the panoramic backdrop of the Singapore Straits.”

food on fork


“主打“From farm to fire”的烧烤模式,这是肉食者的狂欢,同时也并不会冷落那些更偏爱沙拉、蔬菜的健康饮食者,并且,这里的鸡尾酒一定会给你惊喜。”




The reason you need for a trip into Sentosa

“A full view of the Singapore Straits is just icing on the cake.”

SG magazine


Intercontinental escape at Sentosa Golf Club

"The interiors exude the confident warmth of a welcoming home through its bright, open space and rustic “colonial chic” vibes".”

hedonist magazine


Summer-friendly, island-style drinks 

“It will transport you to some part of the Americas that you might wish not to return from.”

spirited singapore

“Farm-to-fire” philosophy comes alive

“The summery White Wine Sangria and the tropical Champagne and Absinthe Colada are sure to transport you to the balmy summers of the continent.”


Excite Your Taste Buds With The Best Churros

“There’s something on the menu for everyone, be it whether you like your vegetables or meat, and it’s done so well!”

seth lui