Grill Menu

With the Argentinian grill at its heart (namely the Asador), Panamericana specialises in farm-to-fire cuisine, offering succulent grilled, roasted & charred whole meats & vegetables that are typical of the America’s North, Central & South.

We recommend that you kick-off your meal with a couple of small plates, followed by grilled offerings paired with three of your amigos.


Lunch & Dinner

Succulent grilled whole meats, alongside fresh seafood, game, grains, greens and street foods typical of the region.



Available Saturday and Sunday 11am–5pm


Free flow long lunch

$58++ for 2-hour free flow Prosecco, Rosé, Asahi Draught Available Everyday From 12pm–11pm.

Prices exclude local government taxes & 10% staff gratuity.